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Boosting sales and site traffic, Coca-Cola breaks ground in customer loyalty

FICO's technology platform enabled Coca-Cola to execute a complicated direct-to-consumer marketing program

Case Study

In 2003, a North America-based marketing team at The Coca-Cola Company set out to reward the company’s most loyal consumers and build closer relationships with them. But a one-to-one marketing effort seemed a tall order for a company that serves 1.5 billion drinks a day. The loyalty program they conceived, My Coke Rewards, launched in 2006, starting with the Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero brands. By April 2007, it had expanded to include 13 brands; within two years, it had become the company’s largest single marketing program, with more than 11 million + active participants. Key to its success is the platform that supports it, which runs on Precision Marketing Manager.