Case Study - Gjensidige Debt Manager Live

Norwegian bank accelerates collections and recovery benefits with a preconfi gured FICO® Debt Manager™ Live solution

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Case Study

Prior to the acquisition of a significant consumer loan portfolio, collections at Gjensidige consisted largely of manual procedures with minimal automation support. They also faced a deadline of 12 months to transition the loan portfolio to their systems. This mandated acquiring a more sophisticated collections and recovery system that could be implemented quickly and with limited internal resources, who were tied up in other aspects of the bank and acquisition system migration. After a thorough search, FICO Debt Manager Live emerged as the only solution to meet Gjensidige’s “no move” deadline with a preconfigured solution, while providing the integrated strategy/workflow, analytics,scalability and localization capabilities that were required. FICO consultants worked closely with Gjensidige to deliver a solution before their hard 12-month deadline.
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