How to Be Successful | FICO Blaze Advisor Decision Rules Management

How to Be Successful with FICO Blaze Advisor Decision Rules Management System

Executive Brief
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Case Study

FICO’s partner network is a very important channel for bringing its products and services to market. The experience that partners have gained over their many engagements in implementing solutions using FICO technology provides them with expertise, best practices and wisdom in understanding how strategy, technology and the organization must all work together to achieve outstanding results. This partner case study is based on an interview with Claye Green, CEO of TechBlue, and one of FICO’s business partners. Key findings in this case study include the following: FICO Blaze Advisor Decision Rules Management System is a great technology that is easy to use and extremely capable. TechBlue’s deep understanding of technology, strategy and organizational change ensures that all aspects of a Blaze Advisor implementation are addressed successfully.

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