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Banking leader eliminates organizational silos, embraces centralized decisioning for a truly holistic view of the customer across the lifecycle

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Client: Leading North American Bank

Challenge: Create a digital revolution to get ahead of competitors (both traditional banks and fintechs) by replacing a legacy decisioning system with an enterprise-scale decisioning platform to centralize data, decisioning, analytics, rules, and optimization execution to drive a customer 360 degree view.

Solution: FICO® Centralized Decisioning solution, powered by FICO® Decision Management Platform, including FICO® Decision Modeler (Decisioning & Analytics Execution), FICO® Data Orchestrator (3rd Party data acquisition and integration), and FICO® Decision Management Platform Streaming (Contextual profiling, Streaming, Event Driven Decisions)

Results: More than 20 previously siloed decisioning areas are now utilizing the same centralized platform, and this tremendous aggregation of data and analytics implementation and execution, supported by constant testing and monitoring, has resulted in optimally delivered, personalized decisions that improve efficiency, drive higher customer satisfaction and lower risk for the bank. These changes enable the bank to produce new offerings five times faster than before and reduce implementation timelines from 10 weeks to days.

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