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Leading insurer “democratizes” its decisioning platform for insurance underwriting

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Mercury Insurance prides itself on being an underwriting company and recently needed to accelerate its digital decision-making on policies. Underwriting decisions are based on hundreds of interconnected rules that need regular updating, which depends on business users who aren't steeped in technology. However, digitizing underwriting decisions would require close collaboration between these business users and a team of IT experts, which made for a daunting challenge that threatened to absorb time and resources. Fortunately, FICO is experienced in helping companies overcome these sorts of challenges and was able to assist.

Download this case study to see how Mercury democratized its decision technology by enabling underwriters to make inputs based on their real-world knowledge, then refining the decision engine so that it gives them ever-improving recommendations. The FICO Decision Management Platform increased the percentage of policies subject to automation, which in turn drove higher productivity and a better agent experience. Mercury is now more agile than ever with FICO's platform, which has proven once again that it's possible to implement technology that empowers, rather than alienates, business users--download the case study to learn more!

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