Online Retailer Automates Seller Onboarding and Reduces Fraud Losses

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Not only does this multinational online retailer manage the entire sales process for nearly 5 million sellers and over 100 million buyers, it also takes on the risks of negative behaviors on both sides of the deal, including fraud, unmet service level agreements and lack of payment. After reviewing profits, the retailer determined it wasn’t meeting risk objectives in the seller arm of its business. The retailer’s process for onboarding and monitoring new sellers included verifying they actually have the products they’re selling and protecting the buyer from poor business practices. One key method was to place limitations on the amount of business activity the seller can transact until they prove they’re legitimate. Unfortunately, the process was largely manual, making it difficult to manage. The retailer knew it needed a more precise and scalable solution given the large number of sellers in the portfolio. It turned to FICO for expertise in analytics, risk and creating onboarding processes.
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