Powering Decisions Across the Energy Lifecycle

How three energy and utility leaders are tackling their toughest problems with advanced analytics.

Case Study
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Case Study

Ever wonder how three energy and utility innovators are transforming their operations? Energy and utility companies have turned to the next generation of decision management tools and open technologies to “turn on the lights” in their businesses – whether it’s slashing time-to-market for new services, or reducing the carbon footprint. This collection of three case studies highlights how three very different organizations – Shell, SolarCity and WindFarm Designs – are using these advanced capabilities to discover new insights across their lines of business, and increase customer-centricity, efficiency and bottom line results. Download our document and learn how: Shell’s ability to solve the most complex problems in their business is helping them build the process control platform of the future. SolarCity is continually uncovering deeper insights into challenges such as battery charge/discharge optimization and excess energy deployment. WindFarm Designs expects to reduce CO2 emissions by 20–50 million metric tons globally every year, while reducing time to develop layouts by 90% by completely automating manual processes.

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