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SolarCity Uses FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite to Optimize Distributed Energy Applications.

Case Study

The collision of new data sources, technology and analytics provides energy companies like SolarCity with amazing opportunities to drive stronger customer engagement while improving energy efficiency and usage. To help build the grid of the future, SolarCity selected FICO Optimization to help the business extract the best possible actions from a sea of data and myriad constraints and competing priorities.


Download our case study now and learn how SolarCity is using FICO optimization to:

  • Evaluate opportunities to save commercial customers on their energy bills by optimally managing their demand charges
  • Manage customer energy profiles to optimize charge and discharge profiles for energy storage systems
  • Optimize distributed energy resources in multi-use application frameworks that benefit the grid and customers
  • Analyze potential revenue streams for customers by selling unused stored energy into wholesale electricity markets
  • Determine optimal ways to reduce stress on the electric grid by potentially reducing system load