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On-Demand Webinar

8 Success Tips for Debt Collection in the Pandemic

8 vital tips for managing a prolonged spike in collections

On-Demand Webinar

COVID-19 challenges are putting unprecedented pressure on consumers' ability to repay loans, creating a debt tsunami that is overwhelming collections departments and debt collection agencies. Handling this spike with BAU approaches is a recipe for disaster.

Join FICO's Bruce Curry, vice president of collections & recovery solutions and a 2020 Credit 500 Hall of Fame inductee, as he explores 8 vital tips for managing a prolonged spike in collections, and ensuring that you don't hemorrhage good customers through mismanaged treatments.

Bruce will answer:

  1. What data do we need to identify vulnerable customers?
  2. How can we better assess affordability?
  3. What data do we need to collect to manage performance and regulations?
  4. What is the best engagement strategy?
  5. How should we manage payment holidays ending?
  6. How can we better segment customers for treatment? 
  7. How do we use data-driven strategies?
  8. What should we look for in a review of our operations?

Join us for this valuable overview of what we've learned from the 2008 recession and what collections leaders are doing today.