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Disaster Response in the Age of Digital Communication: A conversation between FICO and Lenders

On-Demand Webinar

Catastrophic natural disasters such as Harvey highlight an opportunity to understand our customers’ needs during a time of crisis. For portfolios with exposure to individuals in the impacted regions, being able to respond quickly regarding your customer’s credit needs, cash needs, and the challenges these calamities present can dramatically impact your profitability. Your ability to intervene to assist these customers in filling the gaps the disaster has created will dramatically impact an institutions’ brand and customer perception. 

In this discussion, we will highlight: 

  • Managing responses to the Intangibles
  • Quantitatively and Qualitatively measuring the impact to the institution 
  • Understanding the impacts to your customer
  • Defining your actions in that context

In this interactive session, join FICO experts and fellow risk and portfolio managers as we discuss specific challenges, potential responses, what some groups already do and other specific areas that need to be considered to respond to a disaster in the age of digital communication. 

Presenter:  Darryl Knopp, Senior Director, Fair Isaac Advisors