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Fraud and Financial Crime Convergence

Demanding Smarter Decisions

On-Demand Webinar

Both fraudsters and money launderers are constantly changing their approaches to financial crimes schemes – when their schemes are blocked, they quickly adapt with new strategies to circumvent controls. Financial institutions are investing heavily in defenses to fight financial crime, and there are many benefits to converging fraud and money laundering prevention which include a more effective way to decrease losses and increase efficiency.

Join Julie Conroy, Research Director, Aite, and TJ Horan, Vice President of Fraud and Financial Crimes at FICO, as they discuss new research and global predictions in the convergence of financial crime and fraud teams, as well as how these teams can collaborate better within their respective organizations.


  • Fraud and AML convergence: There’s a “there” there this time
  • Detailing the challenges of infosecurity, data wrangling and mule activity
  • Breaking down the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • The imperative of smarter and faster decisions within fraud and financial crime