North America Strategic Communication Initiatives That Can Save Your Business for the Next 60, 90 Days and the Next Decade

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In today’s highly turbulent environment, you need to protect your business with a viable solution for enterprise-wide communications. Ask yourself: Are you doing everything you can to maximize the value of your relationship with your customers through effective and timely inbound and outbound communications? With the way we interact fundamentally changed, there are tactical decisions you should be making now that will reduce current desperation and influence your sustainability for years to come. Are you using automation and omni-channel deployment to make up for locked-down call centers and reduced internal staff? Optimizing the quality and quantity of your touch points is critical right now, when your customers need it most. This session will walk you through the best practices of virtual, interactive communications – including auto-voice, SMS, email, application notifications and self-serve – that lead to strong, resilient business continuity. Not just for now, but for months down the road, and the next decade.
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