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Optimizing The Analytics 'Supply Chain' – Are you Delivering the 'Goods'?

On-Demand Webinar

Based on the promise of transformative solutions, businesses across industries are investing millions of dollars on developing their advanced analytics/data science capabilities. However, measurable ROI can be hard to find, and many face substantial delays or don't even get off the ground. At the core of many of these stalled deployments is a lack of a comprehensive, integrated approach to deploying advanced analytic capabilities. Do we need better math? Is it the software? A shortage of unicorns, maybe? 

Join renowned author Tom Davenport and FICO's analytics expert Zahir Balaporia in a 60-minute webinar on "The Analytics Supply Chain", as they discuss the benefits of 'supply chain thinking' to deploy advanced analytics that delivers on the promise of turning data into dollars. 

Listen to this webinar, learn more about: 

  • Advanced analytics viewed in 'supply chain terms' and the benefits of this perspective 
  • Steps in the analytics supply chain, connecting data, models and deployment 
  • A simple diagnostic checklist to determine if your analytics supply chain is broken 

Presenters:  Tom Davenport, academic and author of "Competing on Analytics" and "Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines"  Zahir Balaporia, Solutions Partner, Decision Management, FICO 

About the Presenters:  Tom Davenport, the author of several best-selling management books on analytics and big data, is the President's Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, a Fellow of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, co-founder of the International Institute for Analytics, and an independent  senior adviser to Deloitte Analytics. He is also a member of the Data Informed Board of Advisers. 

Zahir Balaporia is a Solutions Partner on the FICO Decision Management team. Prior to joining FICO, he spent 20+ years designing and deploying analytics solutions in supply chain, transportation, and logistics with a focus on deployment and change management.