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On-Demand Webinar

Removing Technical and Cultural Barriers Standing in the Way of Operationalizing Predictive and Prescriptive Models

How to Convert Your Advanced Analytics Into Applications for Business Users

On-Demand Webinar

Have your organization’s investments in data science and operations research struggled to get deployed to the end user, or faced adoption challenges after deployment? If so, you are not alone. In fact, many forecasts project that only 20% of advanced analytical models will deliver ROI through 2022, due to numerous barriers that occur from the time they are conceived in the lab to their eventual adoption by business users.

If you're struggling to get your analytical assets into the hands of business users, watch this on-demand webinar, which was originally presented by FICO's Libin Varghese at the the virtual INFORMS Business Analytics Conference. After discussing the common barriers that stand between advanced analytics projects and the business decisions for which they were built, Libin recommends how to overcome those obstacles from both a technical and a cultural perspective. If you're a data scientist, operations researcher, or business analyst, this webinar will be invaluable.

Thank you to INFORMS hosting the conference. Analytics and data science help save lives, save money, and solve problems. Learn more about their incredible impact through INFORMS - the leading association for analytics professionals.