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2023 Scams Impact Survey: Indonesia

Exploring the consumer impact of real-time payments and authorized user/authorized push payment (APP) scams in Indonesia.

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In January 2023, FICO conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers in Indonesia to determine perceptions and impacts of scams. This eBook explores how people are using real-time payments (RTP) and the relationship between RTP and scams. We also explore how customers think banks could better protect them from scams, who they think is liable if they make a scam payment, and how banks can address these issues with analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and workflow automation. Download this eBook to learn: 

  • How customers are using RTP in Indonesia
  • The breadth and financial impacts of scams in Indonesia
  • Who customers feel is liable when they send a payment to a scammer
  • What customers will do when they are dissatisfied with a banks response to APP fraud
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