Accelerating Decision Automation Time to Value with Decision Requirements Analysis Hot Topic Q&A

Accelerate your decision automation time-to-value with the DRA methodology

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When automating decisions, organizations need a platform for defining the policies and regulations that drive those decisions. Even with the best technologies and intentions, however, there’s often a significant lag between solution acquisition and time-to-value. That’s why FICO has introduced the Decision Requirements Analysis (DRA) methodology. Developed by FICO’s Dr. Alan Fish, a pioneer in business rule and decision management innovation and automation, the DRA methodology integrates the activities required to discover, document, develop and maintain decision rules with your preferred systems development methodology, maximizing the likelihood that decision rules will be a success in your organization. Download this Hot Topic now and read Dr. Fish’s account of how DRA came into being, and how it is currently being used to help our client intelligently and rapidly implement decision automation solutions, notably FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System.
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