FICO® Platform for Financial Services Partners

A platform approach to connecting and leveraging disparate data and analytics to inform a customer interaction

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Executive Brief

As financial services partners look for the panacea in helping financial institutions be more agile in their business and more relevant to their customers, the FICO® Platform offers an integrated approach to solving problems across the entire customer lifecycle. With the power of connected data and decisions, partners can deliver value in real time by leveraging AI and advanced analytics to create operational efficiencies and keep customers engaged.

With FICO® Platform, financial services partners can:

  • Create new revenue streams
    with a broad set of connected solutions and capabilities
  • Customize and differentiate
    by adding their services and configurations to FICO’s prebuilt solutions and decision assets
  • Create synergies
    from connected data and solutions that deliver exceptional customer experience and reduce operational costs
  • Create and maintain a trusted and valuable relationship
    with their customers by offering best-in-class technology
  • Harness the power of analytics and AI
    to enable end clients to make smarter business decisions at scale
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