The FitAgent™ 360º View User Interface for Collection Agents

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Executive Brief

The FitAgent™ user interface reaches into the vast amount of information available in FICO® Debt Manager™ to consolidate, organize and summarize exactly what a collection agent needs to know before contacting a consumer. It decreases call preparation from minutes to seconds by presenting information in a way that helps agents rapidly comprehend the situation. It increases call success by recommending an action—such as updating a payment method, creating a payment schedule or negotiating a settlement—and guiding agents through the process. 

FitAgent can display a 360º consumer view of multiple accounts in collections alongside past and present schedules and settlements, and recent communications. At the same time, collection managers can control how they want work to be done by implementing permissions-based restrictions on what particular agents or groups are allowed to see and do. 

We asked Doris Haick, UX lead designer at FICO, why the new user interface is a game changer. 

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