Introducing the FICO® Debt Manager™ FitAgent™ User Interface

Improving collector productivity and the customer experience

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Executive Brief

Offering task-oriented workflows for contacting customers and collecting payments, FitAgent™ is the intuitive web interface added to the FICO® Debt Manager™ collection and recovery platform in mid-year 2017. FitAgent was designed with one purpose in mind: increasing collector efficiency. How did we do this? By putting ourselves in the collectors’ seats as we visited clients and conducted extensive user research activities. We learned what information the collectors need and when, the steps they’re taking in the collection process and the actions they perform. We took what we learned and grouped the information in a way that allows collectors to immediately understand the customer’s debt. Once this is conveyed, the system intelligently provides the actions that can be taken to bring the customer into good standing. The workflows behind the actions are like a GPS for the collector as they provide the next logical steps. Generally, we took the burden of analyzing the customer’s debt situation off the collector and, in essence, put this on the system. The result? A product that reduces call-preparation time from minutes to seconds, and training time from weeks to hours. An added bonus? A confident collector.
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