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Mobile phones are the primary data and voice communication medium for close to 4 billion people globally. Device subsidy models are quickly transitioning to device financing (which averages close to $800 or more per device), and telecom companies now find themselves in an unaccustomed position as lenders. Device financing enables companies to compete, but it also exposes them to financial and regulatory risk. Information and data management used to measure debt risk is managed across various departments, and pulling the data, analyzing and reconciling measures can be laborious. It often requires several employees dedicated to mining the data, analyzing spreadsheets and managing data models to ensure the information is accurate and timely, and ladders back to the corporate goals. Effectively governed and automated bad debt forecasting will free up highly skilled team members to do more strategic work. Lynda Woodward, FICO Senior Director, Analytic Science, explains how loss forecasting automation enables more intelligent and dynamic conversations on the risk the company should assume, and informs more accurate originations.
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