Real-time credit decisioning

Increase the volume of real-time credit approvals via digital account opening

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Executive Brief

Growing credit portfolios is a critical challenge during periods of economic uncertainty or a squeeze on household income. Success hinges on understanding customers’ evolving financial picture — and the best actions to take to win and retain them. Combine internal and external data, assess risk in real time, and automate offerings and digital credit decisions to successfully win and retain more business. 

  • Reduce the number of abandoned applications
  • Reduce the number of manual reviews by bringing in the right external data in real time
  • Enable business users to modify decision criteria, simulate the impact of changes, and deploy
  • Ensure risk-aware credit decisions consistently offer prospects their best qualifying offer
  • Win and retain the right customers with faster, smarter, cost-effective credit decisions
  • Achieve higher ROI with improved personalization of offers
  • Quickly make adjustments as goals and resources change with flexible FICO technology and know-how
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