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FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution Frequently Asked Questions Government

FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution Frequently Asked Questions Government

Debt Manager version 11.0

Fact Sheet

Thousands of organizations worldwide — in government, financial services and other industries — rely on FICO to help them make every decision count. FICO provides analytics software and tools to manage risk, fight fraud, build more profitable customer relationships, optimize operations and meet strict government regulations. Many of our products reach industry-wide adoption — such as the FICO® Score, the standard measure of consumer credit risk in the United States. FICO solutions leverage open-source standards and cloud computing to maximize flexibility, speed deployment and reduce costs. The company also helps millions of people manage their personal credit health.

FICO offers solutions that drive smart decisions and increased revenues. We’re pleased to present FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution, part of our suite of debt management products and services revolutionizing the debt collections and recovery industry. Debt Manager delivers heretofore unavailable efficiency, scalability and cost savings in debt management excellence.

Industries served by Debt Manager include:

  • Government – Property Tax, Court, Health and Human Services, Overall State Collections
  • Financial Institutions – Banks, Retail, Medical, Insurance, Debt Buying, Attorney Network, Auto Finance, Cable, Utility, Medical, Student Loan
  • Third Party – Collection Agencies, Student Loan, Commercial, Medical and more

This document provides answers to just some of the questions most frequently asked about our solution. We hope it will be useful in introducing you to Debt Manager and help you understand why it’s deployed by organizations worldwide.