Realizing a better financial future

Strategic priorities for disruptive product innovation in financial services

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This white paper summarizes the strategic imperatives for US banks and credit unions to craft a roadmap taking advantage of the enormous opportunity that unaddressed product and service needs from US consumers - rising from their financial hopes, anxieties, and goals - and how financial institutions can seize that opportunity by expanding their products sets and rethinking their business models.  


  • Consumers are generally satisfied with their banks. 86% of Americans say they are satisfied with their banks. 60% of Americans say they’ve experienced exceptional service from their current bank.
  • And yet, only 1% of Americans mentioned a bank when asked “what is crucial to the future of your financial success?”
  • People dream of a better financial future in ways that are private, deeply emotional, and largely symbolic. 
  • Americans would be willing to pay for services to help them reach these unrealized financial dreams. 
  • Americans would prefer to get these services from their current bank, but they would also switch to other banks, fintech companies, or non-bank service providers to get them if necessary.
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