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A Forward-Looking View of IFRS 9: Thinking Beyond January 2018

On-Demand Webinar

Early implementations of IFRS 9 have demonstrated that no single approach works for every bank. Many banks are struggling with interpreting standards and intelligently applying a comprehensive set of analytic and business strategies within the context of their operations, particularly as new regulatory and global events consistently shift perceived strategies. The risk of falling behind can not only hinder compliance, but also the ability to continue to compete effectively in the market. 

Join us to learn more on how some financial institutions are deploying flexible and dynamic frameworks to accommodate models of different sophistication that can be managed across the institution and also over time. These frameworks leverage multiple methodologies, analytics, sources of data, levels of granular processing, and internal/external sources of software and services. You’ll also hear how to:

  • Efficiently forecast portfolio impairment on day-one and beyond based on estimates of risk exposure;
  • Implement a disciplined, reliable, transparent and fully governed loss estimating and reporting process;
  • Move beyond compliance by adjusting credit lifecycle decision strategies proactively for better results at implementation;
  • Leverage compliance processes and software to drive continued performance improvements.