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On-Demand Webinars

Augment Your Loan Origination System and Improve Cost

On-Demand Webinars

Companies that already have a LOS (Loan Originations System) are limited on how they can maintain and manage existing rules and pricing for each line of business. New product ideas and strategies for streamlining the customer onboarding process need to be rapidly developed, tested and rolled into production before competitors have the chance to catch up. How can you extend the life of your existing LOS by empowering business analysts and user experience specialists to improve customer experiences without burdening IT? 

Join this webinar to understand how to customize and evolve loan origination strategies to reflect changing business conditions, priorities and strategies. We will share success stories and results on how to provide better pricing and reduce risk as well as how to augment current technologies in order to rapidly:

  • Significantly increase auto approvals (no touch loan approvals)
  • Effectively align pre-approval strategies and core approval system policies
  • Reduce turn time of manual underwriting and reviews
  • Lower cost per loan
  • Incorporate industry-leading third party analytic models and scores

Presenters: Matt Norton, Principal Consultant, Credit Risk Lifecycle, FICO Benjamin Baer, Product Marketing - Sr. Director, FICO