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True benefits of fully merging decision processes with advanced analytics

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By now, we’ve all heard about how the “digital transformation” is disrupting every aspect of our business operations and customer engagements. A large component of this transformation is the application of advanced analytics, which can improve profitability, retention, and just about any other KPI. However, many companies have begun investing in analytics without also upgrading their decision rules. Meanwhile, other organizations haven’t yet implemented optimization algorithms to help them identify the best solutions. Failure to do either might result in sophisticated predictions that don’t meet—or even relate to—your business objectives. Thus, in order to fully realize the benefits of the digital transformation, you need to integrate all three elements within your decision platform—advanced analytics, rules, and optimization. Please watch this on-demand webinar, hosted by FICO’s Todd Rollin, Decision Management Suite Director, and featuring Dan Vesset, Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management at IDC. IDC (International Data Corporation) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology industries, and Dan will present their newest report on the digital transformation. He’ll discuss the latest developments within the transformation—separating myth from reality—and focus on areas where businesses may be short-changing their decision outcomes, including the reasons why. FICO has had a similar front-row view of these trends, and Todd will share some of his observations as well. Finally, Both Dan and Todd will make recommendations for how to overcome these obstacles and highlight the true benefits of fully merging decision processes with advanced analytics. It promises to be fast-paced and full of fascinating findings!

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