The Politics of Supply Chain Analytics

When Math is Not the Problem

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“Trust in God, everyone else bring data” is an old saying that implies convincing others on a course of action is possible as long as you’ve armed yourself with enough statistics. But when it comes to implementing a change based on analytics, data/statistics alone are rarely sufficient. Success often requires navigating through the political landscape in order to reach your intended destination. Please join FICO’s Zahir Balaporia for “The Politics of Supply Chain Analytics,” an on-demand webinar designed for decision makers and data scientists alike. With over 20 years of experience designing and deploying analytics in supply chain, transportation and logistics, Zahir will share a 5-point recipe for effective advocacy under even the most challenging conditions. Fast-paced and full of real-world examples, Zahir’s presentation will cover why your political skills are (unfortunately?) just as crucial as your analytical skills.

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