Unlocking the Value Hidden in Your Customer Data: Deploying Your Predictive Models and Scorecards

Deploying Your Predictive Models and Scorecards

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Many banks and credit unions are using analytics, predictive scores and scorecards to some extent to make origination decisions and better understand their members and customers. Your customer data holds the key to enabling your organization to make better decisions to drive profit, improve relationships, and remain competitive in today’s saturated market. However, many organizations without teams of data scientists face challenges with understanding the best ways to use and deploy scorecards. And most struggle with the most important element: How can you use your customer data and scorecards to actually make automated, real-time decisions? In this webinar we provide an overview of various predictive scoring options and recommendations on when to use each, discuss how decision services technology enables organizations to automate decisions using predictive scores and scorecards, and provide insights on how decision services can work with your existing infrastructure to accelerate the deployment of predictive scores and scorecards.

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