Why Auto Loan Fraud is a Growing Problem – And How to Fight It

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Every two seconds, there is a new identity fraud victim in the US. Data breaches such as Yahoo, Target, and Home Depot fuel the fraud industry. Additionally, with technology such as Chip and Pin rolling out, fraud in the U.S. is migrating to easier targets. Recent trends indicate that auto finance is a prime target. Auto financing organizations must protect themselves and their high value products from first party fraud, synthetic identities, stolen identities, and organized crime rings. They must also balance these controls with the competitive need to originate more and improve the client experience. In this webinar, we answer questions such as: What factors drive the increase of fraud in auto finance, and what unique challenges do these present to the industry? What are the latest technology and data-driven approaches to preventing, detecting, and investigating both identity theft and first party fraud? How can you leverage Social Network Analysis to combat fraud rings? How are some organizations winning the fight against fraud?
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