FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager

Dynamically engage customers in personalized conversations that cross channels and create value

Product Sheet
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Product Sheet

With today’s proliferation of channels and explosion of data from online and mobile activity, the only thing marketers have less of is the consumer’s attention. To attract and keep more of it, you need to use data-driven insights to turn your campaigns into personalized omni-channel conversations that bring customers increasing value over time. FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager lets you conduct conversations — consisting of campaigns and resulting customer interactions — that cross any mix of channels. It helps you share information across marketing groups so you’re viewing customers as individuals and speaking to them in a single organizational voice. Capturing data from personalized dialogues and analyzing campaign performance, you learn how to make your initiatives more effective. You know where to focus marketing spend for greatest impact and how to keep customers interested with increasingly valuable offers and communications.
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