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FICO® TONBELLER™ Siron™ Embargo

Real-time, universal transaction screening to combat terrorism financing, ensure sanctions and embargo regulations

Product Sheet

In recent years, banks’ failure to meet embargo or sanctions obligations has led to record-breaking fines and even the withdrawal of a banking license. Keeping pace with complex, ever-changing regulations, exploding transaction volumes and a growing demand for instant payment services poses a tremendous challenge for financial institutions as well as their processes and systems.

FICO® TONBELLER™ Siron™ Embargo is a transaction screening solution that allows financial institutions and other organizations to check customers’ holdings and payment transactions in real time to ensure compliance with national, international and internal sanctions lists. Designed for today’s high-volume, high-intensity compliance environment, Siron Embargo allows alerting levels to be optimized to meet your organization’s staffing levels, while detecting all transactions in true violation.