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As a financial services partner, your mission is to provide the best tools and solutions to your financial institution clients and to help them improve the experience for their customers while finding operational efficiencies for their business. Customer communication is a prime area for financial institutions to deliver a best-in-class experience. FICO® Customer Communication Services combines communication technology and rules-driven intelligence to strengthen customer relationships in origination, customer management, fraud management, debt collection, and entire enterprise-wide digital communications.

By offering your clients digital communication solutions, you can: 

  • Expand revenue streams with communication services targeted at fraud, collections, and origination 
  • Offer easy implementation with preconfigured, modifiable communication solutions 
  • Deliver flexible integration with any other platform and prebuilt connectors to the FICO® Platform and decision management solutions 
  • Share in purchasing power and benefit from volume-cost of SMS and voice minutes 
  • Help your clients improve customer communications while creating operational efficiencies 
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