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Banks are constantly looking to bring the best service to their customers. The landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years and competition is no longer only from other financial institutions but from fintechs and alternative banks. By leveraging FICO’s world-class innovation and expertise in credit scoring, you can achieve your financial goals while delivering a superior customer experience.

FICO enables your organization to:

  • Offer the right solutions to your customers at the right time — Build on data from your history of customer interactions along with consortium data for a complete understanding of who your customers are, so you can provide them personalized service.
  • Personalize marketing — Create highly targeted, personalized outreach efforts that demonstrate you know who your customers are and that you’re there to help them.
  • Drive retention — Use the Customer Score to upsell and cross-sell into your customer base. The more you can service your customers, the deeper the relationship.
  • Improve customer experience — Make better decisions faster and be more agile to respond to increasing customer expectations.
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