FICO® Resilience Index 2

Expand consumer resilience prediction across the credit lifecycle

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FICO® Resilience Index 2 represents a major advance in FICO’s groundbreaking product, empowering financial institutions with more precise insight about a borrower’s resilience to future economic disruption. Now with effective use cases spanning the entire consumer credit lifecycle and an expanded FICO® Score operating range, FICO Resilience Index 2 is designed to enable more intelligent credit decisions, account management, and portfolio review processes that balance both risk and growth.

FICO. Resilience Index 2 benefits:

  • More predictive—up to 100% increase in resilience predictive power over previous version.
  • Expanded use cases—including account origination for bankcard and other lending industries.
  • Broader FICO® Score range—new 580–850 FICO® Score operating range offers improved nearprime and super-prime segment coverage.
  • Demonstrated resilience prediction— can predict likelihood of consumer payment accommodations, an indicator of financial stress.
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