APAC Massive Supply Chain Disruption

Getting from Recovery to Resiliency

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Recent events have revealed to everyone just how interconnected and interdependent regional, national, and global supply chains are. Faster than ever, disruptions can lift entire segments (e.g. ecommerce supply chains) and massively disrupt others (e.g. travel and hospitality). With demand and supply impacted, every supply chain in the world has been disrupted in some way. Some are in turmoil, yet others have been reasonably resilient. But they all must adapt faster than ever in order to survive and recover. Those who embrace innovative supply chain optimization strategies will prevail. In this session, we will focus on three important aspects of supply chain risk management due to a massive disruption: (1) Recovering while “sharpening the saw;” (2) Learning from the situation to identify what can and should change; and (3) Designing for resilience post-recovery. While everyone wants a better forecast, being resilient means surviving and recovering when the forecast is very wrong. While efficient supply chains thrive on better forecast accuracy, resilient supply chains thrive by recovering, learning and designing for an uncertain future.

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