APAC The Resilience of Responsible AI

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For epidemiologic data scientists and business leaders alike, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented only one reliable data point: complete unpredictability. Financial institutions, companies, and the customers they serve are all grappling with unprecedented conditions, and a loss of control that may seem best remedied with completely new decision strategies. For companies contemplating a rush to crank out brand new analytic models to guide decisions in this extraordinary environment, Dr. Scott Zoldi, FICO's Chief Analytic Officer, offers a calming piece of advice: don't do it—because you probably don't need to. In this session, Dr. Zoldi, a globally recognized leader in AI innovation, will discuss the resilience of Responsible AI: how analytic models infused with artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that are explainable, ethical, and efficient can be leveraged and trusted in today's rapidly changing, never-before-seen business environment.
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