Automotive Supply Chain Risk Reduction Through Scenario Modeling

When forecasts are unreliable, learn how to improve planning, manage costs and reduce risk

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If you - like many automotive suppliers around the world - are pressured to be more efficient and agile while mitigating the risk of potential disruptions, you need the right tools to support you.

While FICO is well known for our credit scoring products, our long-standing advanced analytics solutions also bring the world of optimization and scenario modeling to your supply chain.

Join this webinar to learn how to minimize risk by solving complex problems faster and more efficiently using supply chain optimization combined with scenario modeling. We'll share examples of how the world's leading companies partner with FICO to solve their scheduling, distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing challenges.

You will understand how optimization and scenario modeling can help you answer questions like:

  • How to determine the best tradeoffs between labor costs, logistics costs, manufacturing costs and service levels simultaneously across multiple products, sites and lanes;
  • Where to source materials, perform manufacturing and/or size warehousing to balance cost and manage risk;
  • How to plan and schedule manufacturing given complex relationships between resources, skills, tooling, capacity and delivery requirements;
  • When forecasts are unreliable, how can we improve planning, manage costs and reduce risk;
  • And many other daily decisions required for efficient and effective automotive supply chain operation.

While these answers are not the most obvious, with the help of supply chain optimization combined with scenario modeling, these complex decisions can be made faster and clearer to all stakeholders.

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