Connected Decisions: How a Holistic Approach to Decision Making Can Help Insurers Build a Profitable Book of Business

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For insurance companies, growth isn't just a numbers game—increasingly, it's based on market and customer insights that enable cross-selling and up-selling to existing policyholders. However, developing an optimal customer strategy requires a different kind of operating model, and the ability to pull together quality information across channels and siloed departments continues to be a challenge across the industry. As a result, many insurers are essentially leaving money on the table for their existing book of business through imprecise pricing and product selection. Learn how a connected decisions approach of sharing data, analytics and intelligence across the new business cycle produces better decisions, improved speed to market and enhance profitability. We’ll discuss how insurers can: Reduce the number of applications referred for manual review. Reduce costs and driving revenue generation while improving ease of doing business. Improve the agility of new business and product development processes by giving business managers more control. Take a customer lifecycle view vs. a functional view.
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