COVID | Adapting Banking Operations: Risk, Credit and Liquidity - Spanish

During and especially after the coronavirus crisis, financial institutions will have to adapt their operations in order to adapt to scenarios until now unusual in Spain.

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 While it is true that our banking system is facing an unprecedented situation, it is no less true that financial institutions in other countries have already suffered similar episodes that can serve as a reference when taking measures. FICO, with the aim of helping the financial sector in these uncertain times, is organizing a Webinar on April 16th with recommendations on different banking and financial operations, based on our more than 60 years of experience advising the financial sector. Topics to be discussed: Credit operations: How to manage analytical models with the history of involuntary payment delays after overcoming the current situation? Risk Operations: Involuntary insolvency and its impact on the NPL Payments Operations: Impacts on risk and liquidity management caused by payment moratoriums imposed by regulators Liquidity Operations: Impacts and measures in the face of liquidity extension by regulators. Daniel Melo, Sr. Principal Advisor Daniel is one of the most renowned experts in banking strategy and operations, with extensive experience in analytical models and risk management, acquired in some of the leading international financial institutions such as HSBC, American Express or Bank of America.

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