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On-Demand Webinar

Debt Management 2020 – Affordability

How to improve affordability validation

On-Demand Webinar

Traditional affordability assessments are long processes for both customers and employees, as the average telephony assessment takes up to one hour to complete. As customers rush through the calls, they provide self-declared income and spending information — but due to customer bias and an inclination to round-up amounts, these assessments result in inaccurate budgets and unsustainable agreements.

As collections teams prepare for a second spike in October, due to furlough and self-employed funding schemes coming to an end, better affordability assessments are essential. Join us as we discuss how alternative omnichannel solutions can engage more customers. You'll see a demo of how Open Banking and CRA data can be introduced into your collections strategies to create more accurate outcomes, more sustainable arrangements, more fair treatment.

See how to:

  • Implement Open Banking and CRA data into your collections strategy to improve the accuracy of your affordability assessments
  • Reduce the time it takes for your customers to complete an affordability assessment from an hour to mere minutes
  • Prove fair customer treatment during uncertain, challenging times and customers changing circumstances