How customer centricity boosts customer engagement, retention, and profitability.

Banking customer defections are at an all-time high

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Banking customer defections are at an all-time high: 12 million customers changed banks over the past two years, and 31 million are on the fence about whether to stick with their current bank or switch to another.  This is largely due to the failure of traditional banks to offer the same degree of predictive, personalized digital user experience customers now demand, thanks to Google, Amazon, and other B2B service providers.  But banks still have the upper hand: years of hyper-detailed customer data.  Customer centricity weaponizes that data, and transforms it into actionable insights that drive customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention… and ultimately, maximum profitability from each accountholder.  Join us for this informative session on FICO’s expertise in helping clients achieve customer centricity can boost your customer engagement as well.

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