How to make better credit decisions using “what-if” scenario modeling

Using Simulation Tools to Maintain a Healthy Auto Portfolio

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The auto industry has been driven by a dramatic change in consumer behavior, not the least of which is an exponential rise in the use of digital and mobile channels for banking and financial services. This digital economy's acceleration makes data silos, complexity, and ambiguity the worst enemies of auto lenders. Speed, precision, and agility are now table stakes.

Do you want to learn how to meet customers' shifting expectations and keep a healthy and growing auto portfolio despite the volatile conditions?

Join the FICO team for an educational session where we will discuss scenario modeling and other tools that will help you to project, prioritize, and invest in the right strategies and outcomes.

You will learn how to:

  • Compare and analyze multiple possible credit decisioning scenarios using simulation and forecasting;
  • Simulate likely outcomes of credit decisioning policies before deciding on a course of action;
  • Evaluate trade-offs by using business outcome simulation;
  • Stress-test data input and simulate business outcomes;
  • Identify key parameters that affect a decision;
  • Shift from making decisions based solely on historical data to explore "what-if" scenarios
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