Identity Proofing and Digital Transformation – Our 2021 Survey Tells You What Your Customers Think - APAC

The Need for Identity Proofing Is Real

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Is your organization investing time and money to attract new customers only to have them abandon their applications when the identity checking process is too difficult or disruptive? You need to keep fraud losses down, your organization compliant with KYC requirements and keep customers happy. So – what do your customers really think about how you check their identities and secure their accounts? To find out we carried out exclusive research with 2,000 consumers in the USA and Canada join this session and you will leave knowing:

  • How Covid 19 has changed customer attitudes to digital account opening
  • What your customers expect from you when they need to prove their identities
  • How they will respond when they think you’ve got it wrong
  • How accepting they are of biometrics to secure their accounts
  • Our top 5 strategies to help you manage this difficult balancing act
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