Improving Installment Lending Decisions Through Data Driven Strategies

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Lenders who manage consumer and small business credit portfolios have the pressure of increasing profits while meeting compliance and regulatory requirement changes. Lenders manage a large number of complex customer relationships and decisions, but they don’t have the visibility across multiple portfolios. As a result, lenders need to acquire a more analytical understanding of customers and better tools to quickly adapt to portfolio changes. This webinar discusses how to tie data driven strategies into decision management by leveraging customer knowledge to help lenders make better individually appropriate decisions. We’ll take a closer look at how to connect directly to existing systems to automate key credit, marketing and collections decisions. In this session, you will learn how to: Leverage 20+ years of collective intelligence out of the box with industry leading analytics Optimize customer experience and risk control to enable mutually valuable relationships with customers Evolve customer treatment strategies for faster time to value and lower cost of ongoing improvement Easily improve servicing decisions by integrating data, prior decisions and actions taken through the customer on-boarding and collections processes Improve customer servicing decisions in the cloud with easy access to robust and proven decision controls with minimal IT intervention Apply existing use case best practices specific to auto, loan, mortgage, personal lines of credit, and HELOC Presenters: Therese Henry, Principal Consultant – Customer Management Solutions, FICO Lamar Shahbazian, Product Management – Sr. Director, FICO
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