Meeting Customers Where They Are: Reinventing Debt Collection in Auto Finance

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Today, you may feel that you got your debt collections under control. But what if you could significantly increase your contact rates and reduce roll rates by simply reaching out to your consumers at the right time, through the right channels? What if you could do so without adding an army of collectors to your call center? Advanced analytics and decisioning tools can give you the much needed “digital boost” to take your debt collection operations to the next level. Much like the total digitization of society has forever changed consumer behavior and expectations, it is now transforming C&R outcomes and streamlining collections in auto lending. Join FICO for a panel discussion on how to digitize and improve collections & recovery performance in auto finance and address the needs of a “new” consumer. FICO C&R, analytics and automotive subject matter experts will address the most pressing issues for your auto collections operation including: Roll rates reduction Improving contact rates Moving consumers to self-service Process and workflow automation Real-time integration with external systems Consolidation of various host systems Helping you meet constantly changing compliance requirements Panelists: Arjun Bajaj, Sr. Partner @ FICO Therese Henry, Sr. Partner @ FICO AJ Travagline, Sr. Partner @ FICO Moderator: Marguerite Watanabe, President @ Connections Insights
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