Moving at the Speed of Business by Leveraging Decision Testing and Business Outcome Simulation

Decision Simulation is a critical capability when designing and deploying decision models

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Decision Simulation is a critical capability when designing and deploying decision models. It spans the evaluation of the logical correctness of a decision logic, all the way to comparing the business impact of a set of alternative decision logic or analyzing the consequences of changes in decisioning data, like changes to the distribution of population and its respective behavior. These simulations need to occur at multiple levels starting from simple model simulation or strategy simulation all the way to business outcome simulation which encompasses a large number of models, like strategies, policy rules and different types of knowledge models that are part of a decision model. On the FICO Platform, simulation has the power to leverage the same decision logic and data that is being used in production, making the simulation results highly relevant and insightful. Simulation creates the connection between the operational world and what the business most cares about. It increases confidence in Decision Models, their correctness and impact, and can shorten deployment cycles significantly. Please join us to learn about simulation on the FICO Platform including a demonstration of the capabilities.

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