New modeling constructs for Mosel in Xpress 8.10

Presented by: Susanne Heipcke

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Mathematical optimization models often contain inherently nonlinear constructs, such as absolute values or logical relations. A widely used approach to handle such cases consists of linearizing the nonlinear expressions to make the model suitable for solving with a MIP solver.

The latest Xpress 8.10 release introduces several new modeling constructs in Mosel that allow for an easier formulation of MIP models without the need for explicit linear reformulations. These new genuinely nonlinear constructs are handled directly by the Xpress MIP solver. As a result, developers can work with concise model formulations that relate directly to the underlying business problem. Furthermore, the MIP solver can exploit the structure for efficient handling when solving the problem. model.

Join us for this Mosel webinar to learn about:

  • How to work with the following modeling constructs:
  • Piecewise linear expressions
  • Absolute value, minimum value, maximum value of discrete or continuous decision variables
  • Logical constraints: 'and', 'or', 'not' over Boolean variables
  • Formulation alternatives for MIP models implemented with Mosel
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