Optimization in a Crisis: How Boeing Helped a Hospital Respond to COVID-19

Hear two experts from Boeing explain how they solved a scheduling challenge in just a week using FICO optimization

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When the pandemic hit Sweden, Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm needed to build new nursing schedules to accommodate a big influx of new nurses and healthcare workers for its ICU. They turned to Jeppesen, a division of Boeing that has developed market-leading digital aviation software, Jeppesen Crew Rostering, which employs FICO® Xpress Optimization. In just days, the Boeing team created rosters for more than 300 nurses and healthcare workers during the peak period, resulting in more workable shifts for staff and better coverage for the hospital.

For its achievements, Boeing’s crew solution team won the 2021 FICO® Decisions Award for AI, Machine Learning & Optimization. In this exclusive webinar, hear directly from the team at Boeing that managed this work. 
This webinar has practical applications to anyone who uses scheduling optimization, and logistics optimization more broadly. Join us for lessons from the front lines of the COVID crisis.

  • How Boeing’s digital aviation software allowed them to deliver nurse schedules in a week
  • How they structured the problem in the software
  • How they overcame the challenges of building shifts under numerous restrictions, combining heuristics and exact methods to reach practical run times
  • Benefits seen by Karolinska University Hospital
  • How FICO Xpress solver can help your optimization projects run faster and better
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