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On-Demand Webinar

Scaling Your Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Program Post COVID-19 and Beyond

Discover a scientific approach to cyber risk scoring for third-party risk management

On-Demand Webinar

Among the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented the auto industry, is an underdiscussed yet serious threat of cyber attacks occurring through your vendors and suppliers. Many of you have relationships with hundreds, if not thousands of third parties, so, their cyber risks will undeniably become your risks, if not managed properly.

At the same time, cyber security leaders must contend with a decrease in available budget, all while still needing to maintain solid relationships with as many as tens of thousands of partners and vendors. Thus, sticking with the standard, resource-intensive processes is infeasible, ineffective, and—worse—often backward-looking. The good news is that it’s actually possible to scale your third-party cyber risk program and protect your business more effectively.

Please join our complimentary webinar, hosted by FICO’s Steven Littleson, responsible for Cyber Risk solutions in North America.

You will discover:

  • How predictive analytics can drive both the efficiency and scale of your TPRM program
  • A scientific approach to cyber risk scoring and how it can be utilized for third-party risk management
  • A dedicated third-party cyber risk management tool that is quantifiable and predictive in nature
  • How to focus on the most important risk indicators
  • How to easily rank-order and segment vendors