Supply Chain Resilience Through Planning and Design

How Logistics Leaders Can Best Prepare for the Worst

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How Logistics Leaders Can Best Prepare for the Worst Among other things, the COVID pandemic has revealed the fragility of global supply chains, many of which have proven to be highly susceptible to catastrophic events. And it's a given that there will only be more disruptions in the future, whether they're in the form of economic shocks, extreme weather, political unrest, another pandemic, or all of the above. With so much uncertainty, how can supply chain managers ensure that their logistical network is resilient and flexible enough to withstand the next crisis? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the best processes and technology for measuring and improving your supply chain's resiliency. Presented by Zahir Balaporia (FICO) and Duncan Klett (Kinaxis, Inc.), these two subject matter experts--each with decades of supply leadership--provide several case-study examples to illustrate how top organizations can respond to disruptions with confidence. If you're responsible for solving your firm's logistics challenges, this free on-demand webinar is a must-watch. This webinar was an initiative of the INFORMS Practice Section. You can learn more about INFORMS by visiting their site at

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